The Department of Political Science became one of the rapidly growing Departments in the Faculty of Arts, University of Jaffna. Political Science is one of the largest undergraduate programs since the establishment of the full-fledged Department in 2007. Even though several courses in Political Science were offered in the Degree Program in Department of Economics before the creation of a separate Department of Political Science. Political Science was introduced at the beginning of the establishment of the Jaffna Campus of the University of Jaffna in 1974. When the Jaffna Campus was established, graduates produced by the undergraduate section of Jaffna College were absorbed into the University Campus. The Jaffna Campus offered Political Science as a special degree programme in 1977 in the Department of Economics. Then in 1992, Sociology and Political Science disciplines of the Department of Economic were separated and a new Department, Department of Political Science and Sociology was created to accommodate the disciplines of Political Science and Sociology. In 2007, the discipline of the Political Science was separated from the Sociology and established as the Department of Political Science. Many renowned academics, such as Professor N. Balakrishnan, Dr. S.K.S. Nathan, Professor A.V. Manivasagar and late Mr. K. Ranjakumar immensely contributed to the discipline of Political Science.

The Department of Political Science at the University of Jaffna offers a three-year General Degree and four-year special Degree undergraduate programs. In addition, the Department of Political Science provides expertise and supervision for the MPhil and PhD degree programs in Political Science in association with the Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Jaffna. Our degree programs in Political Science have been designed with a view to broadening the knowledge of graduates in the various sub-areas of political science, such as Public Administration, International Relations, Public International Law, Human Rights, Political Sociology, Political Economy, Sri Lankan Politics, Political ideology and Research Methodology.

Objectives of the Department of Political Science

The objectives of the Department of Political Science are consistent with the objectives of the University of Jaffna in general and the Faculty of Arts in particular.

  • To guide students properly

  • To create and maintain a significant intellectual environment for the teaching and research activities in the field of political science to the advancement of knowledge and service to the public.

  • To design program to meet the educational and technological demands of the disciplines represented in the Department

  • To develop students comprehension of political thinking, the application of communication and analytical skills that will help them succeed in their chosen careers

  • To provide students both a survey of political institutions and processes within governments and societies and a set of analytical skills to promote employment and quality of life

  • To broaden their understanding of cultural diversity

  • To prepare students to become informed dynamic citizen

  • To introduce taught post graduate programs in the field of Political Science in collaboration with the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Our students are therefore challenged, encouraged, and supported to attain the highest levels of knowledge, skills, and character in order to enhance their competencies to suit for a career in local and global job markets.