PLO 1: Develop an in-depth understanding of the field of political science and allied fields;

PLO 2: Apply knowledge and understanding of concepts and principles of Political Science;

PLO 3: Collect, analyze and interpret qualitative and qualitative data in political science and other social sciences;

PLO 4: Demonstrate transferable skills necessary for employment;

PLO5:    Enhance the creative and critical thinking, and comparative skills for understanding the dynamics of political life;

PLO 6: Demonstrate the problem-solving skills in Political Science;

PLO 7: Develop arguments and make sound judgements Political Science;

PLO 8: Enhance the knowledge and seeks solutions for contemporary social, political and economic issues faced by the world in general and Sri Lanka in particular;

PLO 9: Demonstrate a thorough understanding of rights and the social and civic responsibilities of democratic citizenship, human rights and matters pertaining to sustainability;

PLO 10: Expose experience in real world situation through practical internship programme;

PLO 11: Exercise leadership in the professional environment/workplace;

PLO 12: Maintain a good mindset including giving and receiving constructive feedback;

PLO 13: Respect the physical and emotional limits of professional relationships;

PLO 14: Engage in independent and life-long learning;