Specific Attributes

Political Science (Hons) Graduate of the University of Jaffna shall exhibit the attributes with respect to academic excellence, employability, social engagement and global citizenship and lifelong learning.

Academic Excellence

  • Having thorough understanding of the concepts, theories, principles, boundaries, traditions, trends, ethics and values in the field of political science and allied fields
  • Equip with the knowledge and skills required in research methods necessary for understanding of political phenomena.
  • Able to have intellectual autonomy through independence of thought, openness to ideas and
  • Having abilty to develop skills in writing, research activities, problem solving and
  • Having understanding of intellectual integrity and understanding of the ethics of scholarship


  • Able to apply academically gained knowledge including general, flexible and transferable skills in real-world situation; ICT skills and the ability to use new technological and ICT tools, communication skills with trilingual proficiency (English, Tamil, and Sinhala), soft skills- interpersonal skills, teamwork, time management skills, social responsibility and ethical practice and ability to meet the stakeholders’expectation.
  • Ability to communicate complex ideas effectively and accurately in a wide range of
  • Having skills to work both independently and collaboratively with
  • Possessing knowledge and skills of how to set and achieve personal and professional
  • The research and anaylitical background to receive and interpret information, express ideas and share knowledge with diverse parties in a range of different formats.

Social Engagement

  • Being socially responsible, with civic consciousness
  • Committed to explore and understand the full range of social and environmental issues
  • Ability to make a meaningful contribution to society
  • Possessing gender sensitivity and high regard for human rights, equity and
  • Able to be leaders in organizations and communities
  • Adopt the currents trends of thoughts for human and social

Global Citizens and lifelong learning

  • Ability to engage effectively in global and multicultural
  • Adopt the attitude of social responsibility and an understanding of cultural intellectual differences
  • Having ability to understand and respect the cultures and values of others
  • Committed to preserve and foster natural
  • Possing ability and willingness to contructively engage with the local and international communities
  • Life-long learning skills-ability to engage in activities for continuing professional/career